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This is a community for posting slash fanfiction/fanart/fanvideos/other media based on Danny Boyle's 2007 movie Sunshine. Stories/art featuring any slash pairing from the movie are accepted. RPS is also welcome.


  • Absolutely no flaming!
  • Since the movie doesn't come out in the US until the fall of 2007, all spoilers must be placed below a lj-cut, with a spoiler warning above the cut. If you are unsure whether your post contains spoilers, place it below a cut.
  • Please put all fanfics and pictures under a lj-cut, or use small preview picture.
  • On fanfics please include a standard disclaimer and the following information: author's name, name of the fanfic, rating, and pairing. Summary is optional.
  • This community does not allow spam/advertising.

    And the most important rule: Have fun!