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subplotter [userpic]
That's Twisted, Mace (NC17)
by subplotter (subplotter)
at August 29th, 2007 (05:03 pm)

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Title: That's Twisted, Mace
Author: subplotter
Pairing: Mace/Capa
Rating: NC-17 for...*ahem*...  There's also a few curse words.
Summary: Capa falls out of bed and it's Mace who wakes him.  Apparently that leads to sex.
Notes: I call this a One Shot PWP, but I really tried to put some kind of emotional connection in here.  And it's kind of sad, I think.
Disclaimer: None of it's mine, and I'm not making any money.  Hell, I didn't even spell-check this.

( That's Twisted, Mace )

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