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subplotter [userpic]
Differences - Chapter 2
by subplotter (subplotter)
at August 25th, 2007 (07:35 pm)

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Title: Differences - Chapter 2
Author: subplotter
Pairings: Mace/Capa, with less significant Mace/Cassie and Capa/Cassie
Rating: NC-17 for slash lovin' (a lot more than last time)
Summary: Mace wants to know what he's feeling and why he's feeling it.  But Capa and Cassie aren't helping matters.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to other, richer individuals.
Notes: This is the second chapter of Differences (chapter one is here).  I wrote it a while back but haven't posted it due to a Wayne/Crane obsession.  Tell me what you think.

>>Chapter 2<<

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